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Polymesh Brew Baskets
Our Polymesh Brew Baskets can be used with most cups or mugs to brew an individual portion of tea (most coffee mugs hold 10-14 oz, whereas a dainty tea cup may only hold 6 oz), but you can also use it to strain the tea brewed in a large teapot. The heat-resistant polymesh withstands boiling water and the fine openings in the mesh hold back tea leaves of any size - all except powders. Once tea is steeped, pull out brew basket, dump leaves and rinse basket.

  • use at the office or at home
  • ideal for a quick cup of tea after dinner
  • fits most mugs and many teapots
  • allows tea to float freely as it steeps
  • as convenient as a tea bag but makes a much more flavorful cup of tea
  • can be cleaned in top rack of dishwasher
Price: $8.00

Bamboo Tea Traps
Use these bamboo tea filters to strain your tea in style! The tea traps with their larger openings in the bamboo weave tend to work better with larger leaf teas (black, green and fruit teas) and less well with some of the herbals containing mint, rooibos or other small plant materials. Rinse with boiling water before use.

  • use to strain steeped tea
  • not suitable for steeping tea in the strainer in the cup - see Polymesh Brew Basket for that
  • all natural woven bamboo
  • works best with larger tea leaves
Price $7.00

Commercial (restaurant style) thermoses will keep your tea hot all day. Great for parties, sports events and picnics.

  • keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for 12+ hours
  • holds 77oz of liquid
  • convenient pump dispenser
  • stainless steel exterior with glass interior
Price: $75.00

Spice jars
We offer these spice jars to retailers to display our teas and to let consumers smell them before they buy - our retailers affectionately call them "sniffing jars". Due to demand from consumers at our shows, we are now also offering these little jars at retail. Note, though, that glass containers do not protect your tea from light and should therefore be kept in a closed cabinet. If you keep the jars out on your counter, only fill tem with as much tea as you are planning to use in a few weeks.

  • glass jars with tight-fitting lids
  • jars hold between .5 - 1.5 oz of tea, depending on how voluminous the tea is
  • keep away from light or use up tea within a few weeks
  • use for tea or spices
Price: $5.00

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